Regalia Biofungicide – Makes 1 gallon

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Will come as 40ml of concentrate and with a 3ml pipette. 40ml will make 1-2 full gallons of foliar spray at a rate of 20-40ml per gallon or a diluted root drench of 15 ml per gallon. Both root drench and foliar will see the best results but a root drench will be absorbed into the plant and work from the inside out. I prefer doing both and then following up in the first 2 weeks of flower. So once in Veg, Once in flower. Amazing product.

Regalia biofungicide stimulates the plants innate ability to fight diseases and delivers better yield and improved harvest quality. It offers preventative activity and early control of yield-robbing diseases that result in increased marketable yield and top profit on every acre. Regalia is recommended for use in specialty crops, and Regalia Rx is the product recommended on broad-acre row crops such as cereal grains, cotton, forage, peanuts, sorghum and sugar beets. Regalia’s unique mode of action of Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) brings a sustainable option to help simplify and extend your integrated pest management (IPM) program. It can be used as a stand-alone product, in rotation with or in combination with other fungicides to strengthen IPM programs and to help manage resistance in a wide range of organic and conventional crops, as well as in turf and ornamentals. Regalia also improves the crops tolerance to stress by enhancing overall plant health.

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